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15oz ceramic mug

15oz ceramic mug

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15oz ceramic mug

Weather its a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary, there are a lot of occasions to send someone a gift. We have the perfect coffee mug for you to personalize for your customer, for what ever the occasion might be. Can be printed with any personal photo, design or company logo.


-NAME :15 oz Ceramic Mug 

-COLOR: White 

-MATERIAL : Ceramic 

-FINISH : Glossy, pearlized

*These 15 oz ceramic mug is blank and ready for you to sublimate.



- Size of substrate : 9.90”Wx3.30”Dx4.5”H
- Size of design 


Can customize for birthday, retirement, holidays gifts, etc.



- 1 15 oz ceramic mug 

- 1 white box 


- Sublimation paper 

- Design or image printed in reverse 

- Sublimation Ink 

- Sublimation printer 

- Heat press (size 9x12 or 15x15)

- Heat tape 


- 400 degrees/ 60 seconds 

HOW TO SUBLIMATE 11 oz ceramic mug 

- 1st- bring image into designing software, mirror the image, then print the image on sublimation paper with sublimation ink.

- 2nd- tape the sublimation paper to the mug with heat resistant tape nice and secure.

- 3rd- Place in a mug heat press at 385 degrees for 165 seconds (times and temperatures may vary depending on your press, paper, and ink)

- 4th-  Remove from heat press and carefully remove paper.

- 5th-Slowly place in warm water to stop the sublimation process (do not use cold water or do this too fast as it can crack your mug)

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- Can easily sell them for $15



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